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OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime Package
Product ID: 0500
OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime Package

Sale Price: $39.99


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OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime Package

OsteoballOsteoBall - The doctor-designed, revolutionary way to tone, build, and strengthen your muscles and bones

OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime package is now available Exclusively in CANADA at

What Can OsteoBall Do for Me?
  • You'll likely feel your muscles get stronger from the first exercise
  • In under 10 minutes, helps strengthen and build muscles and bones
  • Strengthens all key areas prone to the bone conditions osteopenia and osteoporosis
  • Flexible shape helps you work those difficult-to-exercise areas (like chin and inner thighs)
10 Minutes a Day.. Bone-Fitness for Life

The Osteoball

Developed by renowned osteoporosis medical expert and professor, Dr. Robert L. Swezey, MD, OsteoBall is clinically proven to help build bone and muscles. 10 minutes/10 exercises, using isometric exercises OsteoBall gives a full-body workout, without weights. OsteoBall is the easy, smart way to get and keep fit.


To exercise with the Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall is a delight. The soft fabric, body-conforming ball is more like hugging a pillow than an exercise device - and the science and results backing it up are impressive.

The beauty of the Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall is more than just surface deep. It is built - and guaranteed for a lifetime of use. And our lifetime warranty does not get any better - if anything goes wrong with your Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall, we'll replace it. That's our warranty plain and simple!


Deluxe Lifetime Osteoball complete package contains:

  • Illustrated, changable exercise cue tag
  • Cushioned handle grips
  • Easy adjust straps
  • Washable 100% cotton slipcover
  • Specially engineered vinyl inner ball
  • Instructional video
  • Daily exercise journal
  • Rapid inflate/deflate air pump
  • Newsletter subscription
  • "First in Line" -- latest updates on OsteoBall
  • Lifetime warranty

You Get All of This:

100% Brushed Cotton Cover OsteoBall
Soft and supple next to your skin as you exercise. Finely stitched for strength and durability. The cover is machine washable for easy care.

Cushioned Handle Grips
Foam padded handle grips are made to provide a cushioned handle for the upper body exercises. Yet the dual-function design accommodate easy on-off for your ankles and legs when doing the OsteoBall's lower body exercises. Remember, all OsteoBall exercises require just 5 seconds of exertion. Easy on-off handle-grips let you move through the exercises in a minimum amount of time.

Illustrated Changable Exercise Cue Tag
Handy exercise reminders are built IntoOsteoBall. To make things even easier your Lifetime OsteoBall comes with an Illustrated, Changeable Exercise Cue Tag attached to the ball itself. This tag provides a handy step-by-step reference or cues for the 10 Basic Exercises, alternate exercises, and advanced routines.  The cue tag is made to be interchangable.  You can download and print out alternate exercises, advanced exercises, special routines from the website.  Fold them and they fit right in the cue tag.

Easy-Adjust Strap
Adapts to Fit You. For most folks you only need to adjust the strap lengths initially when you first get it. Once the straps are set to your body size they do not require readjustment or other attention. Simply peel back the Velcro-type fabric apart, set it to the proper length, and you're ready to go.

Washable 100% Soft Cotton Cover
Our OsteoBall cover is fully machine washable. Just deflate the inner ball, unzip the cover, remove the inner ball - that's it. You're OsteoBall cover is ready for the wash.

Specially Engineered Vinyl Inner Ball
Inside the OsteoBall is a specially designed inner ball. It is used partially inflated and works like a bladder giving back the same exact amount of pressure you exert on it. As you squeeze the ball it builds pressure and returns to you the same amount that you are giving it. This is how it provides instantly to you the resistive isometric pressure you need for muscle strength increase and helping to build bone mass.

All Inclusive, Total Coverage Lifetime Warranty
Your Deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall carries with it a Lifetime Warranty. And it does not get any better than this: If anything goes wrong with your deluxe Lifetime OsteoBall®, we'll replace it - that's the warranty, plain and simple!

OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime package is now available Exclusively in CANADA at - Bone Fitness, Muscle Fitness excersiser. Helpful for cancer patients strengthen muscles and bones, Helps quick recovery


The Breakthrough: OsteoBall

A new type of ball has been invented. It's called the OsteoBall. It is developed by a world-renowned doctor. Remarkably, you can now build upper/lower body strength rapidly and increase bone density -- simultaneously.

Here's What You Should Know About OsteoBall

  • Unlike other workouts, OsteoBall works all 10 major muscle groups in just 10 minutes. And, your OsteoBall workout can be done in any position -- standing, seated, or even lying in bed.
  • Unlike other exercise equipment, OsteoBall adjusts itself continuously to your strength level throughout the entire exercise. This helps protect your joints, greatly reducing risks of joint strains and muscle pulls.
  • Unlike bulky weights, elastic bands, or gym machines, OsteoBall is lightweight and ultra easy to use. Simply position your OsteoBall for the exercise, begin your pull or squeeze on the ball -- and in just seconds you're done!

These claims are not unsupported. OsteoBall is a clinically tested product. Medical institute studies prove OsteoBall helps build bone and muscle strength. The OsteoBall results are documented in peer-reviewed, international medical publications.

When a Partially-Inflated Ball is Better

OsteoBall is used partially inflated. This sets it apart -- and it's patented. OsteoBall's partial-inflation lets you take advantage of something called isometric resistance.

Isometric exercises are well documented by science to be the safest most efficient method of body strengthening. That’s why NASA astronauts rely on it. Until now, equipment choices for the average person, have been limited to hefty weights, elastic bands or cables ? pulleys. This is simply not practical. OsteoBall is lightweight, easy to use, and can be done almost anywhere.

OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime package is now available Exclusively in CANADA at - Bone Fitness, Muscle Fitness excersiser. Helpful for cancer patients strengthen muscles and bones, Helps quick recovery


Osteoball ContentsThe latest model of OsteoBall is now available to you. It comes in a Deluxe Package with everything you need to take advantage of OsteoBall's unique ability to help increase your muscle and bone strength.

Here is what you get:

OsteoBall Deluxe Ball

Ultra-light, weights less than 1 pound and measures just 16 inches in diameter. These features makes OsteoBall so easy to position especially for exercising hard-to-reach muscle groups. Deflates flat for easy travel and storage.

Deluxe Cover - Washable, Pure Cotton

OsteoBall Deluxe's cotton cover is removable and machine washable for the utmost in hygiene and convenience. The softness of the brushed cotton makes OsteoBall Deluxe feel more like hugging a pillow than an exercise device.

Durable, Cushioned Handle-Grips

OsteoBall Deluxe's handle-grips are foam padded for a cushioned hold when doing upper body workouts. They open into large loops allowing easy on/off for ankles and legs when doing lower body exercises. Built for exceptional durability, they are stitched with high-strength nylon thread.

Handy Exercise Cue Tag

The illustrated tag attaches to the OsteoBall, and it works like your "silent coach." The tag's individual images guide you through each exercise, reminding you of proper form and position.

Step-By-Step, Instructional DVD

Dr. Robert Swezey M.D., renowned physician and OsteoBall's inventor, personally guides you through each one of the exercises. Clearly seeing the exercises demonstrated makes them even easier to learn and do.

Fully Illustrated Workout Handbook

A comprehensive handbook for users, filled with easy to follow illustrations and valuable information on every page.

Rapid Inflate/Deflate Air Pump

Inflates and deflates OsteoBall easily. Storing and traveling with your OsteoBall Deluxe becomes a breeze.

Bonus! Seated Workout Handbook -- Online Exclusive

A full workout routine that can be done from a seated position. This Bonus Workout is available exclusively online (or by calling our toll-free number 1.800.232.4061).

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

warranty is plain and simple: you will always have a fully working OsteoBall Deluxe, or get replaced it with a new one. Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime package is now available Exclusively in CANADA at - Bone Fitness, Muscle Fitness excersiser. Helpful for cancer patients strengthen muscles and bones, Helps quick recovery

How Does OsteoBall Help Build Bone ? Muscle?

Gets to Hard-to-Reach Muscle Groups

Although it may not feel like it at first, the exercises you do with the OsteoBall are helping build bone mass and tone your muscles. When muscles pull against the bone during exercise, they are initiating bone-building cells.

Scientific Breakthrough in Germany

The breakthrough discovery at the Max Planck Institute in Germany in the 1950s was that only two brief repetitions of each resistive exercise at only 2/3rds maximal contraction strength is sufficient to have a strengthening effect. That’s all you need. However, we suggest using 80% of your maximum effort to build increasing strength.

Brief Repetitions: Builds Muscles

That is what the Osteoball provides: a brief, repetitive, resistive exercise that, over time, helps strengthen your muscles and bones. This is known as Progressive Resistive Exercise. Iso-pressure, the resistive pressure the ball gives back to you, builds as you exert pressure on the Osteoball during exercises. Immediately it gives back what you put into it. It is the best, most beneficial type of resistive exercise for stimulating bone growth. It is also progressive in that the more you give, the more Iso-pressure is given back by the ball.

Even Better - Very Short Duration

The type of exercise offered by the Osteoball is called isometric: a contraction or extension of the muscles for a very short duration-just seconds. It is the best news for on-the-go, time-starved Americans! Just 10 minutes a day is all you need with the OsteoBall.

OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime package is now available Exclusively in CANADA at - Bone Fitness, Muscle Fitness excersiser. Helpful for cancer patients strengthen muscles and bones, Helps quick recovery

About the OsteoBall

Q: What is the difference between the Seated Workout and Mat Workout?

A: The Mat Workout offers variety of sit-down, stand up, and lay-down exercises.

The Seated Workout offers alternative to the standing up and lying down exercises for everyone who prefer to exercise sitting down or have difficulties exercising on a mat, on a bed, or standing up. Both workouts targets the same key areas needed for upper and lower body strength and stimulate stronger bone formation.

Q: What is the OsteoBall's weight? Is it light?

A: OsteoBall has ultra-lightweight. It is only 1lb. This combined with its semi-inflation makes exercising with OsteoBall extremely easy, safe, and joint-protective.

Using the OsteoBall

Q: Is the OsteoBall only for elderly people?

A: No! The OsteoBall is for all ages. There are many ways to keep your bones healthy and strong, but you must start early. We all know that exercising helps build healthy and strong bones and muscle, but not all kinds of exercises will help your bones stay strong and fight osteoporosis. The latest research, for example, indicates that biking, a great exercise for your cardiovascular system, does not do much for building strong bones. You need isometric-resistive exercises such as the ones that the OsteoBall provides. This type of exercise is scientifically shown to help strengthen bones and build bone density.

Q: Is the OsteoBall strong enough to resist my pull?

A: If your OsteoBall is correctly inflated and the straps are properly positioned, all of the OsteoBall´s materials are strong enough to resist your pressure or pull.

Q: Is using the OsteoBall easy?

A: Exercising with the OsteoBall could not be easier. There are no complicated set-ups, no weights to change, no resistance levels to guess. Your Osteoball is ready to go right out of the box! In addition, with your OsteoBall Deluxe purchase you will receive a detailed, instructional DVD, narrated by Dr. Swezey himself. It will walk you through each step of the OsteoBall exercises.

Q: How do I know I have inflated my OsteoBall correctly?

A: Your OsteoBall needs to be only 2/3rds full with air. To confirm that your OsteoBall is 2/3rds full, press both poles of the ball with your hands - the pressure of your hands should flatten out the top and the bottom of the OsteoBall about an inch on each side. If your OsteoBall is 2/3rds full you will be able to pinch with your hand about 2 inches of the OsteoBall on one side, without holding any air, and the other side should be round. If you have further questions, please call Customer Support at 1-800-860-3949 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm PST).

Shipping and Returns

Q: How do I return my OsteoBall?

A: If it has been less than 30 days since you purchased your OsteoBall, you can take advantage of our 30 Day Risk-Free Trial and return your product for a full refund. Please visit Warranty Information page for details about replacing a defective product under manufacturer warranty.

Q:How much does it cost to ship my Osteoball?

A: We offer variety of shipping methods. We can ship your OsteoBall via FedEx Ground or FedEx Express.

FedEx Ground has estimated delivery time anywhere between 2 to 7 business days depending on the state you are located. The charges for FedEx Ground delivery are between $6.50-$8.50 depending on your zip code.

FedEx Express offers Overnight Delivery, 2nd Day Air Delivery, and 3rd Day Air Delivery. The charges for Overnight shipping are between $30-$34, for 2nd Day - $19.50-$25.50, and for 3rd Day - $13-$17. Please note the estimated delivery periods and charges are only valid for the 48 continental US. For full shipping details and costs please click here to conact us.

Q:I need my OsteoBall right away. Can you expedite the shipping?

A: Yes, we can expedite the shipping. We offer 3 Day, 2 Day and Overnight shipping through FedEx. For more information please Contact us.

Q:How can I track my order?

A: When you place your order with us, you will receive an email within 24 hours that will include your ordetails information. If you do not have this email, then please contact our customer service department at our toll free number 1.800.232.4061. We will be happy to give you status of your order.

Common Problems

Q: I think my OsteoBall is leaking air. What should I do?

A: If you feel that your OsteoBall is not holding air, please check if the valve is properly plugged. If this does not resolve your problem, please call us at toll free number 1.800.232.4061

Q: I lost my manual. What should I do?

A: If you lost your manual you can call our Customer Support team at 1.800.232.4061 and we will provide you with a new manual. Be sure you have your Purchase Order Number and your name ready when you call.

OsteoBall Deluxe Lifetime package is now available Exclusively in CANADA at - Bone Fitness, Muscle Fitness excersiser. Helpful for cancer patients strengthen muscles and bones, Helps quick recovery.

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