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Contour Adjustable Mattress Genie Lift
Product ID: 0202
Contour Adjustable Mattress Genie Lift

Sale Price: $239.99


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  • Features
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Your bed will never be the same again.

Benefits of the Mattress Genie® Bed Wedge:

  • Raise and Lower your upper mattress to any height between flat and 26 inches - Perfect for finding a comfortable sleeping position - especially helpful when raising your mattress for sleeping with acid reflux and GERD

  • While awake, this adjustable bed wedge helps reading, watching television even eating breakfast in bed.

  • Helps new mothers while nursing in bed and provides comfortable positions during pregnancy.

  • This bed wedge works on any mattress (includes traditional spring coil, foam mattresses like Tempur-Pedic, and the Sleep Number Bed) plus it even works on thick mattresses!

  • Fully inflates in less than a minute, raising the head of your bed up to 26” and lifts up to 1000 pounds!

Congratulations on the purchase of your new Mattress Genie, the universal bed lift that offers adjustable bed comfort without the adjustable bed price. Now using your existing mattress, you can support your head, neck, shoulders and back with just the touch of a button.
Upper body elevation can help alleviate many health problems, including heartburn, indigestion, nasal congestion and the flu. You’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed in bed, reading, watching tv working or eating – like never before.
Please review this manual prior to using the Mattress Genie.

● Heartburn
● Acid reflux
● Indigestion
● Hiatel hernia
● Sinus
● Allergies
● Colds
● Flu
● Snoring
● Pregnancy
● Reading
● Watching tv
● Eating
● Nursing

The Mattress Wedge that's Adjustable!

Transform your existing bed into an adjustable bed with just the touch of a button! Raise and lower the head of our bed wedge to the angle that best suits your needs. Ideal for sleeping with conditions including acid reflux, GERD and allergies. Now anyone can enjoy the comfort and luxury of an adjustable bed (hospital bed) at a fraction of the cost.


1. Read all of the operating instructions prior to using this appliance.
2. To reduce the risk of personal injury and electric shock, this appliance should not be used or placed where small children can reach it, or in the presense of water.
3. This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other) to reduce the risk of electric shock; this plug is intended to fit in the polarized outlet one way only. If this plug does not fit properly in the outlet, turn the other way and try again.
4. Do not disassemble the pump, hand control, bladder or unit. There are no serviceable components inside.
5. The Mattress Genie can be used on any conventional bed; coil spring, foam, latex and futon. Not for use with a water bed.


The Mattress Genie is constructed of an extra heavy gauge PVC to withstand years of use. The double seams are RF welded for strength. The interior of the chamber includes baffles to improve the stability and performance. The connecting hose is heavy duty reinforced to reduce kinks and damage.



Your Mattress Genie is (UL) Listed, thoroughly tested for safety and factory inspected. The control wand is low voltage for safety. There are two overrun protection features; first there is a timed shut off if you accidentally run the pump for more than 5 minutes. A momentary stop will reset this. Secondly, there is a thermal sensor and electric cut-off in the motor, if it runs too long and becomes overheated. The pump will reset once the unit has cooled for about 5 minutes – under normal operation you should never experience a thermal shut off. Some blower units may exhibit a slight “electrical” smell during use for the first few months. This is normal and is caused by a layer of protection oil on the motor (from the production process) and the break in of electrical components. This is normal and will diminish with use and time.


1. Unpack the bladder, unfold and place on the floor beside your mattress. Unpack the pump and place it on the floor close to the bladder.
2. Connect the hose to the pump, turning the connector clockwise until it clicks into place, making sure that there are no kinks or twists in the hose.
3. Plug the pump into the wall outlet and using the wand control, fully inflate the air bladder.
4. Slide your mattress about one third of the way down the box spring toward the foot of the bed, leaving the top third of the box spring exposed.
5. Place the inflated air bladder on top of the exposed portion of the box spring, about 3 or 4 inches from the head of the box spring. Be sure to place the hose on the side you wish to keep the pump.
6. Place the mattress back on top of the box spring. (See fig. 6) NOTE: The mattress will not fully flex without your body’s weight on top of it, as is the case with a mechanical adjustable bed.
7. Slide the pump under the bed and out of
the way.

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- 04/30/2014

Can finally sleep at night. I have a major full thickness tear in my shoulder which kept me from sleeping at night. I now can sleep 4 to 5 hours without pain. I love it.

Best night's sleep

- 04/28/2014

I had the best night's sleep in many years: ten and 1/2 hours! Thanks Contour Adjustable Mattress Genie Lift!

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